How to Reduce Fat With Doing Exercise

How to Reduce Fat With Doing Exercise

If you can’t or don’t have time to exercise, being diligent about your diet can help you burn fat without intense workouts. Your body stores extra calories as fat, so controlling your calorie intake is the key to reducing fat. Keep in mind you still need to consume enough calories and nutrients to provide your body with the fuel it needs.

Calculate how many calories you currently consume.

For a few days, keep a log of everything you normally consume. Read the labels of everything you eat and drink, and note the total calories and fat content per serving for each item. Add up the total calories and calories from fat that you consume per day.

Find out your recommended daily calorie allowance.

Look up the daily amount of calories recommended for your age, sex, height, weight, and activity level. Compare your recommended intake with the numbers in your food log.The calculator will list how many calories you should consume to maintain your current weight and how many you should cut from your diet to get to a healthy weight.

Lower your calorie consumption gradually.

Reduce your caloric intake slowly, even if you’re consuming hundreds of calories more than your recommended amount. your body might interpret a sudden drop in caloric intake as a sign it should store more fat. Your body evolved this fat-storing response in order to deal with periods when food is scarce.

Control your portion sizes.

Plan your portions and meals to ensure you consume your target amount of calories.Plan your portions in advance, as you’re more likely to cheat on your diet when you make decisions on the fly.

Track your portions and calories in a journal.

Write lists of meals and portion sizes in a journal or a food tracker app.For example, if you top your breakfast cereal with fat-free milk instead of whole milk, you’ll cut 60 calories.

How to Reduce Fat With Doing Exercise

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